The power of a million eyes

AISpotter pinpoints the most important parts of any recorded and even multiple simultaneous live-streamed videos, from any camera, with any setup, and makes production-ready highlights available instantly.

AISpotter enables professionals to turn massive amounts of recorded and streamed video into usable and shareable information that helps them make better decisions, delight fans, and even predict the future.

What our clients say

Marvin Baudewig SoccerWatch

Scalability, I think, is what AISpotter solves.

KauppiTwins Team Thorengruppen

It’s not only about knowing yourself or your team, but also about knowing your opponents.

Maiju Ruotsalainen AIK

AISpotter provides important information from games for us.

Tom Sexton BISHA

As a player and a marketer, it's great to see a product such as yours entering our sport!

    Service Options

    Real-time Services

    Find desired insights from any video content and create real-time content production.

    Remote Production

    Service allows you to increase the scalability of your business from any anywhere, anytime.

    Sports Analytics

    Get greater insights into the performances, training processes, and competition, and as a whole move from predictive to prescriptive analysis.


    The world´s first fully automated video AI analysis and intelligent video production service

    identify game events

    We find the desired events from videos automatically. We combine them with data streams, statistics and sensor data. Our intelligent highlights are generated from existing videos or multiple simultaneous video streams. We use any video without any special cameras or set ups.

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