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AISpotter Introduction

AISpotter developed a service to help coaches all around the world analyze recorded games and practices of any sports. With artificial intelligence, this tool offers real-time analysis and save crucial time when it comes to team preparation for future games. For example, this service can automatically detect goals, corner kicks and free kicks in a soccer game.

With over 30 years in the making, AISpotter combined state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision to provide automatic and fast game analysis. In comparison to other sports analysis tool whose results are calculated and measure manually, AISpotter uses an algorithm to make the process fully automated and time-saving. With this tool, coaches spend more time training their athletes instead of watching film.

The company was founded in 2018 and its headquarter is currently located in Oulu, Finland. Since its founding, AISpotter completed over 500 analysis and partnered with many networks such as the Hype Foundation and the Global Sports Innovation Center.

The analysis of a game or a practice begins with a video. The team can use mobile or fixed cameras to create a complete view of the pitch. As the game is played and recorded, the data is stored in the analytics cloud platform. Main events like goals, corner kicks and free kicks are then easily picked up by the automated self-learning computer vision. Depending on the sport being analyzed, the main events change. The algorithm then creates clips of each event, which makes the analysis time-effective. Coaches then receive a collection of clips as soon as an hour after the game or match ended.

In addition to the analysis of main events, this tool can be combined with video or sensor data in order to track individual player. For example, players wearing Polar Team Pro equipment are able to analyze their performances based on the amount of sprints performed and the highest speed reached.

So far, AISpotter worked with several football, ice hockey and floorball teams around Europe, in Brazil and in China. This technology can be use to analyze any sports. We are currently looking to expand into Volleyball and Basketball, as well as developing international partnerships.