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When technology takes sports to another level

If you are currently watching the Women’s FIFA World Cup in France, you may wonder what the players are wearing in their backs. The little bumps are actually GPS measuring their speed and their movements on the field. In addition to GPS, most high level clubs and athletes use heart rate monitors in order to reflect on and assess their performances in practice and in games.

Looking back to 20 or 30 years ago, such technologies did not exist in sports. Then, the only way to analyze performances was to watch videos and it was a luxury mainly reserved to professional clubs and athletes. Nowadays, technology is more available to the public and its use has changed the face of sport performance.

In this day and age, coaching staff and sport scientists often collaborate to improve how athletes perform. For example, when athletes want to improve their endurance, they can use heart rate monitors during specific endurance trainings and analyze their effort. Moreover, they can use GPS tracking devices to monitor the distances covered during a game or a match, as well as the athletes’ top speed. With technologies like this, sports scientists can observe the overall physical condition of athletes, assess their efforts, and monitor their training load or the impact placed on their body.

Sports are a multi billion industries in which certain individuals are worth millions of dollars. Therefore, it is in the employers’ best interest to help the athletes improve their craft or to monitor their training load to ensure they can achieve their best performance. Using these technologies on a daily basis certainly does that. Sports are extremely competitive industries in which details are difference makers. In the past decade, technology has taken sports to a new level because it helps optimizing athlete’s performance.

AISpotter brings a new perspective. What is unique to AISpotter is the combination of heart rate monitors, GPS and videos. The addition of a video component to the mix allows athletes and coaches to visually see when they achieve their highest speed. Moreover, it combines a regular game analysis through video and more specific performance analysis like distance covered by the athletes and their top speed. AISpotter offers the best of both worlds on one simple platform. It is easy to use and it will allow athletes, coaches and clubs to improve their performances and take their success to a new level.