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AISpotter for players

AISpotter is considering expanding its platform to individual players. As a result, the services will no longer strictly be available to clubs and teams. From a coaching staff’s perspective, the platform allows the game-analysis process to be effective and less time consuming. However, AISpotter recognizes that its platform can also benefit players in their individual growth.

In this day in age, the sports industry is slowly moving away from the work on a field to the work in a classroom. Major clubs and teams are putting emphasis on watching films and videos, because intelligent athletes are extremely valuable nowadays. Becoming students of the game is the new currency and AISpotter can contribute to the players’ growth.

For players who are looking to reach the next level with their career, putting together a highlight video is usually the best way to showcase their abilities. The platform is user-friendly; all players need to get started is to import videos of their games to the platform.

Portal dashboard

Once the video is processed, the users can then select specific clips and add tags such as goals, assists, or any category they wish to add to their highlight video.

Portal highlights

The AISpotter’s platform makes the editing part of a highlight video easier because users can keep together clips with the same tags or category. Then, each clip can be exported and saved to the users desktop.

Besides being helpful to select clips and put a highlight video together, players can use the platform to analyze their own performances. Once their game is uploaded to the platform, users can look at e.g. goals and corner kicks. Furthermore, they can assess their performance through the run of play and select clips during which their actions were successful. On the other hand, users can also select clips during which they should have acted differently. The AISpotter platform also allows the users to share clips with others like coaches or teammates. For example, if the users are wondering what they should have done differently during a specific action, they can select the clip in question and send it to their coach for further analysis.

Portal share clips

Portal share clips with audience

The AISpotter platform for game analysis can not only be useful to teams while preparing for games, but it can also contributes to players’ individual growth. Being students of the game is becoming the norms in the sports industry and this platform is a great way for users to analyze their performance and improve their understanding of the game.

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