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Newsletter Q1/2020

You are currently reading the first newsletter from AISpotter. In this newsletter we share some key achievements from the last year and take a brief look to the upcoming activities we have for this year.

  1. Highlights from last year
    We developed and added new, more sophisticated features to our video analysis service offering. E.g. we introduced a model capable to automatically identify corner kicks from any football videos. Also, we tested our service integration with several different sensor manufacturers. Meaning we can automatically synchronize the data sensors are collecting with a video and provide new insights and highlights.
  2. New service portal launch update
    Our service portal running in a cloud is now available for individual subscribers. You can upload your own videos, create and modify video clips and share those further. And we’ll shortly introduce intelligent AI based features to the service portal which the subscribers can utilize. Order your service from
  3. Upcoming activities
    We are looking forward to sharing new interesting activities and initiatives with you during this year such as:-New AI components integrated to the service portal-A combination of data and video visualization-Video analysis service covering new sports-Service platform integration with 3rd party systems 

    And we want to thank all of who you who have been following us during the past year and wish you a successful year 2020!

    The next newsletter will be published in April 2020.


    About AISpotter:

    We provide fast, automated video analysis service based on AI.


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