Newsletter Q2/2020

Newsletter Q2/2020

The games and sports activities are not running currently but there are many activities and tasks people are performing remotely. In this newsletter we are sharing how our service can be utilized during these challenging times. Also, we are covering some of the key activities we have been working with in the meanwhile.

Service Portal for Remote Usage

AISpotter service portal is available for coaches, players, fans and all other subscribers. Independently on the sports and the location users can upload their own videos, create and modify their own clips and highlights and share those further. All the videos and clips are stored in a cloud. Teams and clubs can work together with the same videos and there is no need to store any video material locally. See some of the service key functionalities from the following video.

Live Video Analysis

A demand for live video analysis is constantly increasing and therefore we have adopted live stream analysis capabilities to our service offering. We are capable to automatically analyze multiple live video streams running in parallel and provide highlights.

Live video analysis gives broadcasting and streaming companies possibility to share video clips containing the key events of the game with their subscribers and audience. Also, the same way clubs and teams can benefit on the live analysis.

Upcoming Activities

We are working with video and data components integration and in the near future we will have advanced analytics service setup ready. We are looking forward to sharing more details about it. 

Contact me for further information: Anri Kivimäki