It’s all about controlling space!

It’s all about controlling space!

AISpotter is now offering a modern tool to analyze matches – Voronoi diagram. Coaches get effective visualization of numerical data, and, as a result, get great insights into own and the opponent’s defensive and attacking strategies.

Some might think that football is about controlling the ball. Although individual player skills are important, creating and controlling space in football are fundamental and quite difficult to measure. This is especially true, when evaluating Defenders and Attackers. While positioning is a vital skill for a defender, attackers need to create space. The key skill at the team level is how well each player uses space.

Realizing the importance of the players’ accurate positioning and clever use of space, AISpotter is now offering an automated method for measuring space, called a Voronoi diagram. By using tracking data from football matches, AISpotter can create Voronoi diagrams for every point in time for every game. The diagram divides the space into zones, i.e. areas of the pitch the football player controls (where he/she would get to first). As the player moves, the diagram changes.

Voronoi diagram

Voronoi diagram is a modern way to analyze matches. It helps coaches to see how well the players use space, find new spaces in which to attack, and identify areas in defense that the team leaves open. It might be the most comprehensive way to analyze the defensive and attacking strategies.

AISpotter efficiently utilizes the position measurements from any sensor based systems e.g. Polar Team Pro to generate Voronoi diagrams. Voronoi diagram is no longer accessible only to the top football leagues, AISpotter enables  clubs and teams of any level to get greater insights into their performances, training processes, and competition.

While Voronoi diagram is a new valuable addition, AISpotter continues to provide tactical and performance analyses on the team and individual player levels, as well as video clips and 2D football animations.

About AISpotter

AISpotter is a cloud-based video analysis and intelligent highlight production service. It uses its own AI models to analyse video content from any camera, locate desired events, generate intelligent highlights, and combine them with data streams, statistics, and sensor data. 

The technology enables streaming companies and sports clubs to scale up their video production capabilities using the existing resources. AISpotter can analyse large numbers of simultaneous matches saving hours of production time. It automatically generates highlights for corner kicks, goals, and other game events. 

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