AISpotter joining Expert Dojo accelerator programme

AISpotter joining Expert Dojo accelerator programme

We are very excited to announce that AISpotter has been selected to participate in Expert Dojo accelerator programme. Expert DOJO is international early-stage startup accelerator based in Southern California, Santa Monica, US.

Expert DOJO improves the success rate of early-stage startups through investment, foundation, showcasing, influence, and community. The Accelerator program they are running is designed to help startups get to the next round and work with them on the milestones to get there. 

The program starts with 8 weeks of intense growth and acceleration and then goes into an additional 1-2 years of continuing support with strategy, investment and enterprise introductions. 

Expert Dojo Accelerator
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“We are super happy and excited being part of the Expert Dojo accelerator program. This program helps and guides us in building a clear vision for international expansion. And when we proceed in the program there are experienced strategists supporting us in execution of our vision.” Says Anri Kivimäki CEO of AISpotter.

We’ll be sharing updates on our progress during the startup program through our pages and social media channels. Stay tuned!

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About AISpotter

AISpotter is a cloud-based video analysis and intelligent highlight production service. It uses its own AI models to analyse video content from any camera, locate desired events, generate intelligent highlights, and combine them with data streams, statistics, and sensor data. 

The technology enables streaming companies and sports clubs to scale up their video production capabilities using the existing resources. AISpotter can analyse large numbers of simultaneous matches saving hours of production time. It automatically generates highlights for corner kicks, goals, and other game events. 

Contact me for further information: Anri Kivimäki