Coppa Italia – Live Video Analysis

Coppa Italia - Live video analysis

AISpotter is tuned for live video analysis – Our intelligent, automated service is providing live analysis from the Coppa Italia final, Atalanta – Juventus, and creating video clips on the fly for the game highlights. 

This live video analysis solution is put together and is delivered in collaboration with YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company).

This case is one example how AISpotter helps streaming and broadcasting companies to increase efficiency and provides content meeting their customers’ needs for fast content creation and sharing. 

How do we do it?
The whole process is automated end to end. Our scalable, cloud based service pulls live video stream directly from the Client (YLE) and connects it with our analyzing algorithm. The AI algorithm detects and identifies predefined game events like goals and corner kicks directly from live stream. When a game event is detected a video clip is created and shared within seconds with the Client (YLE).  

Live video analysis

Additional service features
Automated video analysis provides additional content, simplifies highlight creation and sharing processes and saves both time and resources. 

Also, our innovative service can produce and deliver numerical data as a result of video analysis  – time stamps from detected events. This numerical information can be delivered separately or together with the video clips. This numerical event data can be shared for example as JSON file format.

In case video volumes are high or there is a need to analyze multiple simultaneous live video streams we can deploy edge computing solutions and integrate our service seamlessly to the existing infrastructure in place. Within this solution delays in data transfer are minimized and with our flexible solution computing capacity can be scaled according to the volumes used.  

About AISpotter

AISpotter is a cloud-based video analysis and intelligent highlight production service. We use our own AI models to analyze any video, locate desired events, generate highlights, and combine them with data streams, statistics, and sensor data. 

The technology enables streaming companies and sports clubs to scale up their video production capabilities using existing resources. AISpotter can analyze large numbers of simultaneous videos saving hours of production time.

Contact me for further information: Anri Kivimäki