The Secret to be a Champion – Insightful Feedback

The Secret to be a Champion - Insightful Feedback

We are delighted, we have been able to be part of success of the Team ThorenGruppen Innebandy. Team that sensationally won the Swedish championship 2021 in women’s floorball during their very first season in SSL Dam league.

This is a great example how a combination of our comprehensive data- (MyCoazh) and video- (AISpotter) analysis is assisting coaches and players in achieving their ultimate dreams and goals.

Insightful feedback (combination of statistics, analytics, video clips and feedback conversations) was the key to the coaches to help their players perform the best when it was needed the most –Super Final – where everything was decided in just one game.

Team ThurenGruppen
Photo: Tomas Brandt Wangel

Head coach of Team ThorenGruppen, Christoffer Suominen is commented.

“We got opponent scouting reports before our playoffs. And during the games we got live statistics during the intermissions. I do have to say, that this whole thing has changed the way I think of coaching. This is unique combination of insightful tactical, team level and player level feedback that really made the difference!”

“I’m especially amazed how accurately game analysis predicted both the final scores of the games and what opponent as a team and even individual players were trying! After we got this compact feedback package, we were able to concentrate more on coaching. Also, this package confirmed, that our own observations in opponent scouting covered the right topics. We got the numbers and verified it.”

“So instead of watching hours and hours of videos and still not being sure did we concentrate on the relevant points, we knew exactly where to put focus – in order to win the crucial games.”

Christoffer Suominen
Photo: Tomas Brandt Wangel

The advantage of our service is unique combination of tactical game analysis what is linked with evaluation of both team and even player level performance. The second key component is video analysis, what automatically creates the desired video clips from the game.

Our service gives the right explanation why the game ended as it did in 85% of all games. And as we can explain why the games are ending the way they did, we can predict the end result before the game and justify the prediction during the game.

We have now been assisting floorball teams that have won two World Championships, Champions Cup, two Swedish championships, six Finnish Junior League gold medals and many other medals and awards.

Floorball players who have received MyCoazh feedback have been selected as world’s best players, as MVP at last World Championship tournament and SSL Dam league’s best players.

We can provide even more advanced service what is a combination of tracking data, event data and video analysis. 

If you want to be  the next champion, get in contact with us! We will figure out, how we can help you with our advanced analytics services.

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AISpotter enables professionals to turn massive amounts of recorded and streamed video into usable and shareable information that helps them make better decisions, delight fans, and even predict the future.

The technology pinpoints the most important parts of any recorded and even multiple simultaneous live-streamed videos, from any camera, with any setup, and makes production-ready highlights available instantly.

AISpotter was founded in 2018 when a university vision AI project was first used to help sports teams quickly get the best information from game videos. Now the company helps production people, 24/7 live streams, coaches, and even security firms across Europe to process video into usable knowledge and insights.

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