AISpotter releases live stream highlight clipping for UEFA EURO 2020

AISpotter releases live stream highlight clipping for UEFA EURO 2020

New service reduces clipping from 5 minutes to 5 seconds and publishing can be done immediately

Oulu, Finland (June 17th, 2021)
YLE Sports (Finnish Broadcasting Company) is utilizing automated live video clipping for goals during the EURO 2020 tournament. Our automated and fast service finds the goals and creates accurate video clips available immediately. The service fulfils the growing needs for fast content creation and sharing and makes it possible for fans to experience and relive the success of their favourite teams instantly.

On top of the live video clipping our AI algorithm finds the key events from each game and puts together automated video highlights. Those highlight reels are ready for sharing in less than 10 minutes after the game is over. And automatically created video content can be viewed through YLE Areena in the EURO 2020 goal clip series.

Automated video clips
YLE Areena (c) YLE

How video analysis is done?
Once again the process is automated end to end. Our cloud based service is receiving live video stream directly from YLE and connect
ing it with our analyzing algorithm. The AI algorithm detects goals directly from live stream. When a goal is detected a video clip is created and pushed within seconds back to YLE. Inside YLE the clip is then automatically routed to YLE Areena and published.

Our intelligent video analysis service is supporting YLE’s development strategy, as they are constantly seeking ways to utilize the latest technologies in the future media services. Before launching the service for EURO 2020 we ran a project for YLE where live analysis from Coppa Italia final was performed.

Video analysis benefits
Automated video analysis provides additional content, simplifies highlight creation and sharing processes and saves both time and resources. 

Also, our innovative service can produce and deliver numerical data as a result of video analysis  – time stamps from detected events. This numerical information can be delivered separately or together with the video clips. This numerical event data can be shared for example as JSON file format.

In case video volumes are high or there is a need to analyze multiple simultaneous live video streams we can deploy edge computing solutions and integrate our service seamlessly to the existing infrastructure in place. This solution minimizes delays in data transfer and our flexible setup makes it possible to scale computing capacity according to the used video volumes.

About AISpotter

AISpotter makes it possible to turn massive amounts of recorded and streamed video into usable and shareable information that helps to make better decisions, delight fans, and even predict the future.

Our technology pinpoints the most important parts of any recorded and even multiple simultaneous live-streamed videos, from any camera, with any setup, and makes production-ready highlights available instantly.

AISpotter was founded in 2018 when a university vision AI project was first used to help sports teams quickly get the best information from game videos. Now the company helps production people, 24/7 live streams, coaches, and even security firms across Europe to process video into usable knowledge and insights.

Contact me for further information: Timo Rousti