Great insights from football games

How to get interesting insights from football games?

Looking to analyze individual players? Our data analysis tells you how the individual players are performing in the game. 

Imagine that you want to get detailed player data from each game, and you want to share it with your network. Your first thoughts might be to start by going through huge search volumes. Data analysis gives you the details how the players are performing in the games.

Starting from EURO2020 tournament AISpotter has successfully collaborated with the leading Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (HS). We are producing comprehensive data analysis from all the team Finland “Huuhkajat” football games.  Collaboration is a joint initiative together with MyCoazh

How the process is running?
The process is flowing the following way: Game event data is collected live during the games. Raw data contains all the actions the Finnish players are having with the ball. Also the key actions (e.g. long runs) without the ball are included in. All the information is stored to a database and automated, predefined queries are used to process the data and to put together all the needed parameters and datasets.

The newspaper is using an API to pull the classified data out from our database and then they are processing with data visualization and the content is ready for publishing shortly after the game.

Data visualization
Helsingin Sanomat (c) HS

What is content is visualized?
It is easy to see from the visualization who were the individual Finnish players who succeeded in each game. Also, there are shots on goal, shot end sequences and passing maps included in.

Take a detailed look what insights data analysis found from the previous games.

12.6.2021 Denmark – Finland (0 – 0)
16.6.2021 Russia – Finland (1 – 0)
21.6.2021 Finland – Belgium (0 – 2)

Friendly game:
1.9.2021 Finland – Wales (0 – 0)

World Cup qualifiers:
4.9.2021 Finland – Kazakhstan (1 – 0)
7.9.2021 France – Finland (2 – 0)
9.10.2021 Finland – Ukraine (1 – 2)
12.10.2021 Kazakhstan – Finland (0 – 2)
13.11.2021 Bosnia and Herzegovina – Finland (1 – 3)
16.11.2021 Finland – France (0 -2)

Data analysis gives you detailed content from each player in fast and accurate way. Even more, data can be customized and visualized in many ways. Advanced data analysis can justify player performance over multiple games.

About AISpotter

AISpotter makes it possible to turn massive amounts of recorded and streamed video into usable and shareable information that helps to make better decisions, delight fans, and even predict the future.

Our technology pinpoints the most important parts of any recorded and even multiple simultaneous live-streamed videos, from any camera, with any setup, and makes production-ready highlights available instantly.

AISpotter was founded in 2018 when a university vision AI project was first used to help sports teams quickly get the best information from game videos. Now the company helps production people, 24/7 live streams, coaches, and even security firms across Europe to process video into usable knowledge and insights.

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