Automated video highlights for UEFA Women’s EURO 2022

Automated video highlights for UEFA Women's EURO 2022

Interest in women’s football is on the rise and it is currently said to be the fastest-growing sport globally. Record crowds are expected for this year’s Women’s EURO 2022 football tournament held in England.  Since women’s football is of great interest and is growing, the demand for live and after-the-game content from the tournament is on the way up as well.

Demand for fast video content

What is more, the Finnish team is a part of the tournament for the first time since 2013. And all the games from the tournament can be seen through the YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) channels.  

Younger viewers are particularly eager to watch and share highlights on their phones or computers as the games are going on or shortly after the games. In order to meet the demand, Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) is using our AI-generated live video clipping covering all the games from the tournament. 

AI algorithm analyses every game by recognizing goals and creates automated video clips for immediate sharing and viewing. Clips and game highlights become available quickly through the Yle Areena platform, promoting higher fan engagement for the biggest event of the year in women’s football. In addition, the clips can be used in news coverage during the tournament and for viewing the most exciting parts of the game after the broadcast. The automated video highlights enable faster content creation and increased interest in the tournament.

Automated video highlights for UEFA Women's EURO 2022
(c) YLE

The benefits of automated video clipping

The key benefits of automated live video clipping lie in its efficiency and speed. Traditionally video clipping for large value productions is done by video editing professionals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables production teams to create fast video content without manual editing. The AI algorithm detects the game events e.g., goals directly from the live stream, and generates clips and highlights with no need for human interactions.

Previous cooperation for EURO 2020

YLE already utilized our intelligent video analysis service during the men’s EURO 2020 tournament in 2021 to provide automated analysis and engaging video content for all Finnish football enthusiasts. After the game, the automatically generated video content was ready for viewing in YLE Areena hassle-free and in almost no time.

About AISpotter

AISpotter is a cloud-based video analysis and intelligent highlight production service. We use our own AI models to analyze any video, locate desired events, generate highlights, and combine them with data streams, statistics, and sensor data.

The technology enables streaming companies and sports clubs to scale up their video production capabilities using existing resources. AISpotter can analyze large numbers of simultaneous videos saving hours of production time.

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