Scaling Video Production: SoccerWatch Success Story

SoccerWatch Scaling Video Production

Scaling Video Production: SoccerWatch Success Story

Marvin Baudewig, CTO of SoccerWatch, telling how the company is now able to scale up video production capabilities using existing resources


AISpotter had the pleasure of speaking with Marvin Baudewig, who is the CTO of SoccerWatch and is responsible for sales and the technical side of the SoccerWatch products.

Marvin, could you please say a few words about SoccerWatch? is a rising German start-up company founded 4 years ago. It developed an automatic camera system for amateur clubs and a platform to broadcast their games on the internet either live or by demand. 

‘Digitize Amateur Football’ is the company’s goal. SoccerWatch has secured the German Football Association (DFB) for a five-year cooperation and is now offering the second generation fully automatic camera-K2 for all clubs. 

What kind of challenges with regards to video analysis and streaming have you faced?

Video analysis of football games is indeed quite time-consuming and labour-intensive. 

Let me give you an example. If around 100 matches are streamed over the weekend, then 10-15 employees would need to watch the video streams and manually mark every single key event of each game (e.g. goal, corner kick). 

How did you address these challenges?

At SoccerWatch we were broadcasting hundreds of sports videos, most of which were running at the same time. So, we realized that making processes automated was the only way forward. 

While working and developing our own in-house solution, we got in touch with AISpotter and found that they had already created the technology we needed. At SoccerWatch we analysed the market and concluded that AISpotter had the best service package and the most competitive offer. Nowadays automated sports analytics is an important aspect of our business model. 

I believe that automation will be the cornerstone in the future. At SoccerWatch we want to ensure that every athlete has access to the relevant data to improve performance. To make this possible for both professional and amateur sports, automation is the key. 

What’s so good about AISpotter? 

The service is easy to set up and the process runs flawlessly. AISpotter has easily integrated everything into the system of SoccerWatch, it automatically analyses video recordings of the matches that we provide and delivers the desired data. 

Together with AISpotter, the company is able to provide video highlights to the games played by lower football leagues. Moreover, AISpotter solves the problem of scalability, which is almost impossible to achieve by doing manual work.

"Scalability, I think, is what AISpotter solves."
Marvin Baudewig
Marvin Baudewig

By using the services of AISpotter, the work is getting a lot easier as we can put a heavy load on AI (artificial intelligence) to detect key game events. Employees can focus on quality verification. That way we can continuously increase our video streaming production and offer high-quality content to our customers. 

What are the company’s plans for the future?

We’ve been using the services of AISpotter since March 2020, and the experience has been excellent so far! I’m confident that SoccerWatch and AISpotter will continue their close collaboration in the future. 

About AISpotter

AISpotter is a cloud-based video analysis and intelligent highlight production service. It uses its own AI models to analyse video content from any camera, locate desired events, generate intelligent highlights, and combine them with data streams, statistics, and sensor data. 

The technology enables streaming companies and sports clubs to scale up their video production capabilities using the existing resources. AISpotter can analyse large numbers of simultaneous matches saving hours of production time. It automatically generates highlights for corner kicks, goals, and other game events. 

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MassChallenge 2020

Masschallenge finalist

AISpotter selected for MassChallenge Switzerland 2020 Accelerator

Oulu – Finland, Jun 1st, AISpotter was selected to participate in the MassChallenge Switzerland 2020 accelerator program. AISpotter was one of over 1’000 other startups to apply for the accelerator located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“We are excited to join the accelerator program to getting immersed in a well-curated program with a vast network of star-studded mentors, advisors and partnership opportunities vital for any young business striving to succeed and scale faster. We are privileged to enter the program after hard work. Despite of the virtual accelerator one of the largest takeaways from working super hard with other entrepreneurs is the sense of friendships and relationships that are made during the program.” Says Anri Kivimäki CEO of AISpotter.

Since 2016 MassChallenge Switzerland has been a leader in helping startups across Europe and beyond grow their businesses. To date, the 270 MassChallenge Switzerland alumni have created value for both economies and societies by raising $ 242M in funding, $ 71M in revenue and creating 9,800 (direct and indirect) jobs.

AISpotter is a cloud based video analysis and intelligent highlight production service.

We help people remove the time consuming manual video production work so that they can focus on the other activities that build a winning team and delight fans.

We use our own AI models to automatically find the desired events, combine them with data streams, statistics and sensor data. We generate intelligent highlights from existing video or multiple simultaneous video streams. AISpotter can use any game video without any special cameras or set ups.

We can work with any team or league, even with eSports. No matter how much content there is, we can always analyze it quickly.

The video clips can be used for example coaching, scouting and fan engagement. Our plans are based on subscription model and work with premier level and scale down to grass root level depending on the analysis needed.

During the program we are interested in to learn how to successfully expand our business and marketing operations, first to the defined markets in Europe, secondly how to scale to worldwide level and how to establish and run the business entry to the US markets.

We are keen to introduce our global partner and contact networks in place to the MassChallenge community. Also, we can bring added value as our services could be utilized within various different businesses across the community.

About AISpotter

AISpotter Oy is a company established in Oulu that provides video analysis service based on artificial intelligence and machine vision covering multiple sports e.g. football and ice hockey A fast, automated and self-learning system saves time and gives clear advantage in analyzing game situations.

About MassChallenge

MassChallenge is a global network of zero-equity startup accelerators. Headquartered in the United States with locations in Boston, Israel, Mexico, Rhode Island, Switzerland, and Texas. MassChallenge is committed to strengthening the global innovation ecosystem by supporting high-potential startups across all industries, from anywhere in the world. To date, more than 2,400 MassChallenge alumni have raised more than $6.2 billion in funding, generated more than $3 billion in revenue, and created more than 157,000 total jobs. Learn more about MassChallenge at

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Newsletter Q2/2020

Newsletter Q2/2020

Newsletter Q2/2020

The games and sports activities are not running currently but there are many activities and tasks people are performing remotely. In this newsletter we are sharing how our service can be utilized during these challenging times. Also, we are covering some of the key activities we have been working with in the meanwhile.

Service Portal for Remote Usage

AISpotter service portal is available for coaches, players, fans and all other subscribers. Independently on the sports and the location users can upload their own videos, create and modify their own clips and highlights and share those further. All the videos and clips are stored in a cloud. Teams and clubs can work together with the same videos and there is no need to store any video material locally. See some of the service key functionalities from the following video.

Live Video Analysis

A demand for live video analysis is constantly increasing and therefore we have adopted live stream analysis capabilities to our service offering. We are capable to automatically analyze multiple live video streams running in parallel and provide highlights.

Live video analysis gives broadcasting and streaming companies possibility to share video clips containing the key events of the game with their subscribers and audience. Also, the same way clubs and teams can benefit on the live analysis.

Upcoming Activities

We are working with video and data components integration and in the near future we will have advanced analytics service setup ready. We are looking forward to sharing more details about it. 

Contact me for further information: Anri Kivimäki