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AISpotter story

The story of AISpotter

The story of AISpotter Start-up from Finland that brings advanced video analysis to streaming companies and sports teams of any level An interview with Anri Kivimäki (CEO), Sami Huttunen (CTO), and Timo Rousti (Sales) of AISpotter Could you please introduce yourselves? Anri: I’m the CEO of AISpotter. I have extensive …

Voronoi Diagram

It’s all about controlling space! AISpotter is now offering a modern tool to analyze matches – Voronoi diagram. Coaches get effective visualization of numerical data, and, as a result, get great insights into own and the opponent’s defensive and attacking strategies. Some might think that football is about controlling the …

Kauppi Twins and the Killer-Combo

KauppiTwins and the “Killer-Combo” AISpotter had great pleasure speaking with Oona and Veera Kauppi who are undoubtedly the most remarkable floorball twins! The Kauppi sisters are originally from Tampere, Finland. After playing in Finland for several years in Koovee, they made the transfer to the Swedish SSL. Now they’ve started …

SoccerWatch Scaling Video Production

Scaling Video Production: SoccerWatch Success Story Marvin Baudewig, CTO of SoccerWatch, telling how the company is now able to scale up video production capabilities using existing resources AISpotter had the pleasure of speaking with Marvin Baudewig, who is the CTO of SoccerWatch and is responsible for sales and the technical …

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