automated video on demand Clipping for all use cases

Our proprietary AI based technology can produce clips automatically from video on demand (VOD) content within minutes.

The best way to expand your video production - Feel like you have a million eyes that never get tired

Hassle-free integration into your processes

End-to-end automation

Support for all VOD formats

Automated event detection


For all types of VOD clipping

We work with various different types of clients around the world to expand their VOD clipping capabilities by creating clips from videos faster and cheaper.


real time services
video content

Accurate clipping 24/7

Our proprietary technology can use any video from any camera from any angle to produce high-quality video clips and highlights.


Faster VOD clipping

Manually finding the right clips and creating highlights takes a lot of time . Our AI based video processing can process large number of videos within minutes.

We automate video clipping and streamline content distribution to process final clips faster.

real time services
real time services

Save money

Processing large video files typically takes lot of time and money. Let our artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting in your video clipping. 

We will reduce the production costs and streamline content distribution to help you save money.


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