Real-time services


Our proprietary technology can use any video from any camera from any angle to produce high-quality video highlights from live streams

The best way to expand your streaming business

Scale your business

Our advanced service prepares accurate clips without additional metadata investments. 

It allows you to expand your streaming business by easily adding highlights from any video and unlimited simultaneous live streams.

We are the only ones in the market who can take any video stream or pre-recorded video to create highlights and clips.

real time services
real time services

Save your time

Automate video processing and highlight creation and streamline content distribution.

You can easily save your time from manually finding the right clips, creating and distributing highlights.

For anyone, anytime

Save time, resources and costs. Increase the content quality and accuracy. You can easily scale your production capacity to meet the demand. 

Moreover, our 24/7 service makes it possible for you to provide content for anyone, anytime.

real time services

Read a story how SoccerWatch is utilizing our automated video stream analysis capabilities.

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