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Leave countless hours of re-watching and analysing games behind and let technology work on your side.

Select a plan that best meets your needs. Our premium plan includes all of the elements required to take your sports analytics to the next level. It collects, combines and analyzes your data to give you a competitive advantage in your game. 

Get ahead by working smarter, not harder!




In case you are unsure which plan to choose, then request a service demo to see how our features can help you to increase your team performance. You can always upgrade your plan to add new advanced features and functionality to your service.

Contact us for detailed information on service packages, service pricing and additional sports.

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KauppiTwins Team Thorengruppen

It’s not only about knowing yourself or your team, but also about knowing your opponents.

Maiju Ruotsalainen AIK

AISpotter provides important information from games for us.

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