Technology services

We help your business development with data and video analysis. For example if you need to search numerical data from multiple data sources or you need to identify events from video files that process can be automated for you. Even if you want to combine video with e.g. IoT or sensor data, our service will do that automatically for you.

Our technology services adds value to your businesses in:
– Data-analysis
– Video-analysis
– Image-analysis e.g. ORC, Object detection, text recognition,
– Document analysis e.g. Pdf-file analysis

We use our own AI models to automatically find the desired events. Combine them with data streams, statistics and sensor data. We generate intelligent data files or highlights from existing videos or from multiple simultaneous live video streams. Our service  can use any data or video files without any special cameras or set ups.

We have a track record in Sports Technologies, but our service can be adopted to cover various other needs.

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