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Know your game

With a Deeper insight

AISpotter offers coaches and teams a more complete and reliable analysis with cameras equipped a full pitch view.

With our fully automated tools you can quickly and more accurately identify various events in your game; taking your game analysis to a whole new level.

80% more time with your team

Letting our Artificial Intelligence break down the game for you gives you more time with your players. No more endless hours going through raw footage of games.

Your video material can be taken by any camera, everything from  normal cameras or event broadcaster video. Our user-friendly service enables analysis of various gaming events, such as corner kicks, or possession changes, amongst many others.

Upload your video and within an hour you receive a complete analysis of you videos. 



Know your opponent

When it comes to knowing your opponent’s games, AISpotter gives you the advantage. AISpotter’s service can even analyze multiple games at once.

Bring another coach to the team with AISpotter.